Are we so Different?

The Story of Race

Race is a small but powerful word. Looking through the eyes of history, science, and lived experience, the RACE Project presents the reality – and unreality – of race.

Race Is Not Genetic

Race Is Not Genetic

Current science tells us we share a common ancestry and apparent biological differences among people are not as great as they seem.



“Race” is a relatively recent idea, dating from the 1600s, to assign social, cultural, and political rank to differences in physical appearance.

Lived Experience

Lived Experience

Race is the least important aspect in determining character, yet it is often the most important factor in how others see us.

RACE Videos

Learn how prevailing ideas in science, government, and culture intersected throughout history to shape our concept of race today.

The Story of Race: A History

How did the idea of race begin in America?

RACE: Video Introduction

Learn about RACE and unlearning racism.

2nd Edition

Race: Are We So Different?

The second edition of the bestselling title on modern notions of race, providing timely examination of perspectives on race, racism, and human biological variation

  • New material in the second edition covers recent history and emerging topics in the study of race.

  • Updated based on advancements in the study of human genetic variation.

“[Racism] is not about how you look,
it is about how people assign meaning to how you look.”

– Robin D.G. Kelley, Historian

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